Greetings readers! How are you? For my friends who are going to sit for the final exam papers, I am wishing you good luck and hopefully you guys can do it well! For this entry, I will tell you about my subjects that I have taken for this semester. This time I will stress more on my perception of these subjects.

One of them is CTU 241. The code stands for Islamic Economics. The lecturer is Ust. Nawawi. He replaced Ust. Kamaruzzaman because Ust. Kamaruzzaman is quite busy with students’ problem. I thought Ust. Nawawi was quite boring by looking the way he taught us but after few classes I have attended the classes I have realized that I was wrong. We have enjoyed the classes and I am really happy to join it. Ust. Nawawi is not a strict person. He gave us an option to choose the date that we can decide to sit for our test paper. Finally, we are not sat the paper with other classes in DST (Dewan Sri Temenggung) but the questions that he gave us were totally different with others. I hope that I could score A for this paper!

Next is regarding economy subjects. ECO 211 stands for Macroeconomics. The name of the lecturer is En. Abdullah or also glamourally known as En. Dollah. He is very kind lecturer and loves to make jokes. He always said to our class that do not worries if we are not passing this subject for this semester because we still can register it for the next semester. Did you notice what the meaning is? REPEAT THE PAPER! Oh, no! Hopefully that I am not the one who are going to repeat for the paper! Seriously, this subject is not that hard to study but I have to little bit struggled on checking and doing the exercise based on past semester exam papers. I have got above average marks for both first and the second test. Alhamdulillah. For the final paper of macroeconomics, I will do my best!

Let's move to FIN 262. This code is for Fundamental of Finance, I really love this subject! My lecturer is En. Syamsyul. He is really nice towards his students and loves to give much homework. This subject requires 4 credit hours. So, I have to study hard to achieve A for this subject. My first and second test I have already scored A for FIN 262 paper. So, I hope that I could score more marks for this final paper which is on next Monday, 2nd November 2009. Honestly, I am worried with this paper because the paper is full with tricky questions and I am scared with careless mistakes because it could make my marks dropped. This killer paper also needs us to memorize all those formula (more than 10 formulas!). Fuhh..I always think in positive ways that I can do it! (I have to pray a lot for this paper..)

Alert for QMT 216! This code refers to Introduction to Statistics. Miss Arfah is no longer teaching us and has been replaced by En. Zaki or Sir Zack. I love calculating but for this subject makes me confused with calculations. This subject is totally differing with what I have studied before in Form 4 and Form 5 although the topics are quite similar. Furthermore, the way they taught us (Cik Arfah and Sir Zack) are totally different and it makes me become more difficult to study for this subject. I am not telling you that I am blaming them because of my weakness in this subject but this is it! Sir Zack is really strict person and has a lot of rules to follow. I knew that all these works that he made for us is for our own advantages such as every Wednesday night we have an extra class’s special for QMT 216. Only for my class! I am appreciating it. Thanks a lot Sir for all of your effort to help us. Actually, he is very kind hearted and he asked me to swear to score A for this subject and I am took it as a challenge for myself. This is because he wants me to be useful and successful person and he does not want to see me like other Banking students who are successfully grade on time but still around looking for jobs (unemployment). I must study hard and smart to catch up with this subject and Sir have told our class if anything to ask him about the difficulty in looking for solutions we are welcome to his office. This is my only chances to improve!

Take a new step for BAB 101, an elective subject which is Arabic Language Studies. I am taking for this elective course on my own and not because of others. As I have told you before that my father can speak Arabic fluently, thus it spurs my interest to learn this language and he became my references if I have difficulty in studying Arabic. From the first I entered the Arabic class I have nothing or zero knowledge in this subject but at last I have prove that I have scored A for my Arabic test. I am really study hard for the test and finally I am satisfied with the result. Now, I can speak Arabic with my father although it just the basic words. En. Syazali is the lecturer. He is very nice person and strict too! He always tells us the story. He never teaching us Arabic syllabus because he said that he can finish the syllabus in shortly. But before we sit for the test paper, he taught us how to answer the questions. It’s works! (P/s: Plus with my hardworking too!) I have no worries for this subjects and I hope that I score the paper!

“Be active with HSL 118, tennis. This is co-curriculum subject which is compulsory for Part 1 until Part 3 students. I took tennis because it seems interesting. Although I have never played before but I am sure I am going to like it! The lecturer is En. Nasir. My comment, he is a very patient person in teaching skills towards his students.” This is my first perception before! Till the end of the class I am totally enjoyed with the class. En. Nasir have taught us how to play tennis in the right way and during the class he brought his son along with him who only nine years old and show to us how well he play tennis. Amazing! His son is very talented in playing tennis and he became our models of every tennis class because to learn tennis we are not only read the manual book but at the same time we have to refer to the models (players) to make sure that we are totally understand the steps. For example, how to smash, service (hold the tennis balls at the end of the fingers), lob, how to hold the racket and others. The most interesting parts are counting the points or collect the players’ marks. I also learned the court which one is the service line, base line and others. I really enjoy this subject!

Last but not least, BEL 311. This code stands for English Academic Purposes. BEL 311 is my favourite subject although I am not very good in it but I have tried my best in presenting all my works because this subject is one of the ways for me to achieve my dreams. In this subject I have learned how to create my own blog and learned how to write in the correct way. Especially for the articles which is how to quote the words and how to credit the person. I have learnt the new things in BEL 311. The respected lecturer is Sir Izuan. My first perception on him is he is very strict person and if it is true of course it makes me hard to have a good conversation with him for any problems that I am facing in this subject. He always shows his straight face and makes me think twice to go for asks him for any inconvenience which related with this subject. But my perception on him is totally wrong! Although he have a straight face and hardly to smile, he is very hardworking too in giving hands to help his students in learning English with flying colours. He always feels free to help and students are glad to rely on him when they are in trouble about English. For example, when my group has difficulty in finishing the article with the perfect one, he willingly guides us in the right way and same goes with our speaking practice. Sometimes, he will join us and make our speaking going smooth. Thanks Sir! You have showed me a lot of ways to improve my English languages. And thanks for once again Sir for what you have taught me and forgive me for any mistakes that I have done.

In conclusion, I am very happy with all classes that I have attended and I will try my best to score for my final exam papers. Nothing is impossible with Allah’s will!

Hi, there! How are you? Oh..Syawal has ended. Okay, I have a good story to tell you what I love most about Hari Raya. I hope you will enjoy it!

I love to have an Open House during Hari Raya. This is because I love to meet people and love to mix around with them. For this year Hari Raya only we have done twice time of open house. On the first day of Hari Raya is for my siblings' friends which are Malay and Chinese friends. One of my siblings' friends is Ey Hong which is Chinese boy have attended to our open house and celebrate Hari Raya together with my family and he told us that he have fasting for seven days in Ramadhan month. That's great! He also said that he is interested in Islam. I hope one day he will convert to Islam.

Second time for Open House us for my parents friends and my sister friends. For this time my mother have prepared Kelantan's foods such as Ketupat Sotong (very delicious), Laksam and other six various types of foods and including dessert. The food that I have mentioned just now are my father's friends favourite including the Prince of Sultan Perak, Raja Ashman Shah. He also have attended to our Open House. He is very low profile and kind person. My father have been friend with him for a long time. He is very close to my father since they have studied together. He really enjoyed and satisfied with the food especially Ketupat Sotong. He also gave a big hamper to my father special for Hari Raya. He is the one who are going back late because he loves to chat with my father with privacy and there is no strict security on him.

In the same day, my sister have welcomed her friends who are from Law Faculty in UiTM Shah Alam to enjoy our Open House that have started from right afternoon which after Friday Prayer until Maghrib. All of them are really nice and friendly.

In conclusion, I am very happy to have an Open House and I enjoyed it! InsyaAllah, next year I will invite you guys to come to my Open House! Got to go!

Salam Ramadhan!! This time I will share with you about my childhood memories of Ramadhan. I hope you will enjoy it!

When it comes to school holiday and it will falls in Ramadhan months,and my father always bring us to celebrate Ramadhan at my village which is in Narathiwat, Thailand. So, there is where my story of Ramadhan is begun. Every year of Ramadhan months, my family will celebrate it at Thailand although we have our own villages in Malaysia. This is because my grandparents of my mother’s sides in Kelantan are both had passed away, so my father just brings us to celebrate Ramadhan in Thailand because there is where my father‘s hometown. There is no big different in celebrating Ramadhan in Thailand or in Malaysia. But there is something interesting in celebrating Ramadhan in Thailand. When I was little, I am the one who is really hard to get up for ‘Sahur’ because the environment in the morning of my village was so cold because it is surrounded with trees. In Thailand, the people is taking care of the environment and they always make sure that they live in clean environment by planting a lot of trees and flowers and that is why my village is so cool. I always sleep at my chair and in front of my plate when it is time for Sahur because I have no enough strength to wake up and get Sahur. Done with my Sahur stories, I continue with my break fasting stories. The interesting one is about the time. If Malaysia’s time is showing at 7.00 o’clock but in Thailand is at 6.00 o’clock which the time is one hour faster than Malaysia. So, I can break my fast early and that’s makes me happy!

Something that makes me cannot forget is about the Bazaar in my village. There are varieties of foods that I can choose until I cannot think what I want to buy actually. The cost of food in Thailand is very cheap and that’s makes me always spent my money for shopping on foods only! Sapusak is the best ‘Kuih’ ever and can makes me linking my fingers and Sapusak is the one that always become my first foods to eat for break my fast. Sapusak is something like Samosa in Malaysia but the filling is made up of fish and mixed up with vegetables and it is fried with a lot of oils and it turned to crispy and it is very yummy to eat with Thai’s sauces! Furthermore, Nasi Kombok is my favourite rice ever and it cannot get it in Malaysia or anywhere. The colour of rice is yellowish which the taste is little bit like curry and the rice is shiny because of the spices and it is serves with Fried Chicken which has special ingredients to fry it and it also must eat with special ‘Kuah’ and Thai’s sauces and also with salads and slices of cucumber. My mother has learned how to cook it and although I cannot eat at Thailand anymore, but my mother’s cooks is also totally like Thai’s cooks! The best Thai’s dessert is Pulut Mangga. The Pulut is very milky because of fresh coconut milk and the mango is juicy because of it is Thai’s Mango. Arghh..All that really makes me cannot forget about my childhood memories of Ramadhan in Thailand until now.

And now I cannot get all the stuff anymore because I am not going back to my village any longer because my grandparents of my father’s sides had passed away too and my childhood memories of Ramadhan left as memories. I hope that one day I can step on Thailand’s land!

Hello, there! Nice to meet you again! Wishing you Happy Fasting and Happy Independence Day for the 52 years of Malaysia! Proud to be one of the Malaysia's citizens! This is my favourite entry ever! Because it's talk about my favourite things.

I am different with other girls's favourite things. I am not interested with girly or lady stuff like shoes, clothes, make-up or lady's accessories. I am totally interested in cars!! It is happened to me because I always follow my father in surveing cars at car's show rooms. The most favourite car that I am talking about is 2008 Mini Cooper S.

I love this car because of the unique features and the expensiveness. I am interested with something that expensive. This car is a cute car and easy to drive it. It is suitable to drive in any conditions or any situations. This Mini Cooper is also easy pick up car if you want to speed on the road. I admires this car because of the inner of the car which is the seats and the dashboard. It is amazing!

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I hope and wish that i could buy my favourite car in future, 2008 Mini Cooper S.

Hello, friends! This time I will introduce to you about my new album. My album's title is ABC means Ais Batu Campur or Ais Kacang literally means "ice bean" in Malay. I chose this title because there are combination of several types of songs same like ABC where it is combinations of beans and others. So, I hope you will enjoyed it!

Album : ABC

Artist : Nur Leen

Ayah dan Ibu.
This song reminds people about the sacrifications made by our parents who raise us up. If not because of them, we would not be here, today!

2)The Climb

This song tells to people not to give up. Whatever challenges or obstacles that we need to go through, we cannot be afraid. It is like climbing. Do not look back! Just climb and climb until we reach the paramount. So, as the life.

3) Eh, Eh There's Nothing Else I can Say

I like this songs very much! It shows that, though I am a girl, I can have and make my own decision whether to be with whom. Though I already love someone, it does not mean that I must be with him. If I have found a better man, why not? And this about feelings. If we have fall in love with someone else, what can we say? It's love! Ha Ha. But, I'll try my best to be loyal. :D

4) Disampingmu
Awh..this song is so sweet. Really sweet! I wish a guy would give me this song one day, showing that he is happy and lucky to be besides me. How romantic! Ha Ha.

5) Don't Trust Me
Hey, Guys! Don't trust me! Why? Because I do not trust all of you! He He. If you already have a girlfriend, and suddenly likes me. Be sure with your feelings! Do not let go your girlfriend because I can't guarantee you that I'll be there for you, despite all my sweetness talk. Ahax! It's just a talk. He He. :P

6) Thinking of You
This is very touching! This song is a about a girl, falls in love with an army, waiting for him to come back but unfortunately, in the war, the man died. She was so sad, but she needs to continue her life. The man was perfect man for her, the one she wanted to be with. Because he is no longer there for her, she needs to choose the second best. Though, she still thinking about the first man. Because that is her true love.

7) Where I Stood
I like this song because how the singer wants her lover to know that she is still waiting for him. The man is the one who taught her how to trust herself and he is the one that she loves the most in her life. Where I stood mean, there is another girl who wants to stand where she stood. So, she wants him to know that she is still there for him.

8) Kantoi
This song such a simple song. It is a mix between Malay language and English language. It's about a story of her, where the boyfriend has cheated on her but at last, the girl who he has cheated with actually has cheated him too. So funny!

9) Taking Back My Love
This song is about they have given their love towards each other too much and at last, they want to take back their love.

10) Bird
This song is in Thai's language. This song is so sweet where the guy is willingly to turn to be a bird that could fly and pick the moon and stars and give it to his beloved if he could do so. And at night he will look up at to the sky, he will imagine that he can see her beloved on the glimmers star. This is the most sweetest songs ever!

Dear readers, this time I’ll bring you into my world. It is all about me!

1. I love Allah s.w.t!

Yes, I love Allah. Allah is my fountain of Life and My Saviour. Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah, I am no one. But with Allah, I can do everything. Allah is my strength!

"Abu Huraira reported God's messenger as saying, "To say: Glory be to Allah; Praise be to Allah; there is no god but Allah; and Allah is most great, is dearer to me than everything on which the sun rises."

2. I’m the second from my eight siblings.

I have eight siblings all together and all of us are girls. I am the second from my eight siblings. My eldest sister is 21 years old and my youngest sister is one years old. We are enjoyed although all of us are girls. We are always helping each other and always being together. Girl’s Power!

3. I’m mixed parentage of Thailand and Malaysia.

My mother is from Malaysia and my father is from Thailand. That’s why my father’s name is Mahamahpoyi or his Malay name is Wan Muhammad Fauzi. It is sounds unique because there are no alphabets like D, F, G, and Z in Thai’s alphabets. My father always translates for me when we are watching Thai dramas.

4. I love to travel!

Although I don’t get any chances to go traveling around the world yet, I have been travel to Thailand. It is true what people said that Thailand is heaven on earth. I have been to Bangkok, Hat Yai, Pattani and Narathiwat is where my village is. I love to go to the Narathiwat beach because of the beautiful views of sunset and there is where I always pick shells. The food that served at there is halal food. You can find five fried prawn in a long stick only cost you 2 Baht or RM 0.20 only!

5. I love adventures!

I am a girl that loves something that adventures such as climbing wall or cave or something that challenges my ability.

6. I love to make Friends!

I’m a type of people that loves to make friends. I love to help friends and I am comfortable with everyone. I am not choosy in looking for friends and I don’t care his or her backgrounds either they are come from poor or rich people.

7. I hate someone who is a hypocrite!!

I am a girl who seeks for a true friend. There is no one who is really sincere to be my friends. In front of me they shown a nice and sweet smiles but behind me, just Allah know what is going on.

8. I love Bel subject!

I love this subject because this is the only way for me to make my dreams or my ambitions come true. I want to be a ‘P’. It is a secret and just certain people only knew what my dream is. I hope Bel subject can help me!

9. I love dance!

This is not an ordinary dance but it is choreography dance. I have learned this dance from a DVD and the choreographer is Paula Abdul. Choreography dance have a lot of styles and I am enjoyed to work on it.

10. I want to be a rich and well-known person!

There are no other reasons for me why I am saying that I want to be a rich and well-known person because I want to help other people and especially for Muslim people out there who seek for help. Once I am being a well-known person, it makes my job easier to help people.

That’s all about me! I hope you guys are enjoyed and we’ll meet again in my next entry!

Greetings readers! For this entry, I will talk about my classmates. I hope you guys will enjoy it!

He is one of the Irama's club participants. He is untalkative and nice person. Nothing much to talk about him.

He just a good friend to have. He is very helpful and very kind person.

He is untalkative person. Hard to talk with him although for CTU’s assignment we are in the same group.

He is untalkative person. No one can argue that he is really a smart boy. He have scored Dean’s List for two previous semester. Keep it up, Zaki!

He is our class representative for Bel 311 class. He is talkative person. He is not serious in talking and likes to play around with words. Somehow, he is a kind and helpful person for example in studies, he has taught me in certain subjects. Thanks, dude!

He is a big fan of Manchester United. Nothing much to talk about him because he just entered our class this semester. Glad to know you, Evra!

He is a good friend to have. Frankie is untalkative person. For the first sight I saw him, I think that he is a freak person but once I get to know him better, he is a smart boy based on his spontaneous ideas when presentation.

He is a friendly guy. Nothing much to talk about him because he just joined our class this semester.

She is my best friend. We get to know each other since Part 1. She love to make jokes. The truth is, she is talkative person. Nice to be a friend of you!

2.It’s me..

She is untalkative and soft spoken person in class. She is kind and a nice girl to know.

She is talkative girl. Enjoyed to be your friends. She’s cool! She love to sing. She is a very friendly person. A hardworking person in studies. Good luck!

She is a smart girl and untalkative person. She is very shy girl. Nice to know you, Nisa!

A friendly girl. Untalkative person.

She is very kind and talkative girl.

The cutest girl ever! She is very friendly and talkative person. She is also a cheerful girl. Happy to know you, Sina!

She is friendly, kind, and a smart girl. I am glad to be one of her friends. Wishing you success in your life!

She is a nice and a kind friend. She is untalkative person. The facts about her are she is a little bit snob and egoistic person. It is her nature characters. Glad to be your friend, Faina!

She is happy-go-lucky girl. She loves to make jokes. Yana is talkative and cheerful girl. She is a sweet friend to have. She also a helpful friend. Keep your smile!

She is a nice and a kind girl to have. She is a tough girl. Salute your patient, Ita!

She is talkative girl. A good friend to have.

She is a smart girl. Before I got to know her, I thought that she is an arrogant, snob and unfriendly person. But, I am totally wrong about her. She is very friendly, nice and kind person. She is not stingy in sharing knowledge with friends. She is very fluent when speaking in English. That’s why she became our assistant class representative. Nice to know you, Lana!

She is a nice and kind person. She is matured in thinking. Untalkative person. Glad to know you, Ieyla!

She is untalkative person. I am not that closed with her but she is very good in giving corporation. Keep it up!

She is very cheerful and happy-go-lucky person. Loves to make funs and jokes. She is very kind person. Keep your laugh, Mira! A big hug for you!

My classmates are very nice to me. Thanks a lot friends. You are the best classmates ever! Got to go now! See you guys in my next entry!

Hi, friends! How was your mid semester break? Enjoyed your days? I hope all of you had a nice memorable moments with your beloved ones. So, my topic this time is about subjects that I am taking for this semester. For your information, there are seven subjects waiting for me.

One of them is CTU 241. The code stands for Islamic Economics. For this subject, there are still no assessments given yet. Well, I find this subject is interesting. Why I am saying this because, it includes basis of other subjects. For instance, economy. Usually, people said that CTU is only about Islamic matters. But this is not true. CTU does touch other aspects as well as Islam involves the whole issues in life. That is why I said, it is interesting. My lecturer for CTU 241 is Ustaz Kamaruzzaman. He is very dedicated and has a lot of experiences in teaching. I am so concentrate in his class until there was not a single yawn!

Next is regarding economy subjects. ECO 211 stands for Macroeconomics. This subject is challenging for me as it needs deep thinking and involves current economics issues. I really have to be up-to-date! The name of the lecturer is En. Abdullah or also glamourally known as Encik Dollah. My comment about him is, he is the type of lecturer who will ensure his students understand and love economy. I am impressed!

Let's move to FIN 262. This code is for Fundamental of Finance, I really love this subject! To know why? Because, it requires speed thinking and tough. FIN 262 is a balance subject since it has reading and calculating. My right and left sides of brain need to be generate. Well, about assessments, there are two tests which carry 15% each, quizzes and assignments which are 5%, 5% also for lecturer's personal evaluation, and lastly 60% for final examination. Total is 100%. For this subjects, there are 11 chapters overall. So, need to catch up! My lecturer is En. Syamsyul. He is really nice towards his students and loves to give many homework. However, I like it! But, bear in mind! Despite his nice character, he is very strict in his class. So, don't be blur! Come on Leen!

Alert for QMT 216! This code refers to Introduction to Statistics. Being statistics, no doubt of calculations! The lecturer's name is Cik Arfah, who is the only sweet young lady teaching for my class. She is new born lecturer and therefore, she is trying to understand her students well. Good luck!

Take a new step for BAB 101, an elective subject which is Arabic Language Studies. I am taking for this elective course on my own and not because of others. My father can speak Arabic fluently, thus it spurs my interest to learn this language. En. Syazali is the lecturer. He is very nice person and strict too! Focus!

Be active with HSL 118, tennis. This is co-curriculum subject which is compulsory for Part 1 until Part 3 students. I took tennis because it seems interesting. Although I have never played before but I am sure I am going to like it! The lecturer is En. Nasir. My comment, he is a very patient person in teaching skills towards his students.

Last but not least, BEL 311. This code stands for English Academic Purposes. There are 6 credit hours and 3 credit units. About assessments, 60% for on-going assessments which consists of Written Assignment (30%), Speaking Test(20%) and Attendance (10%). I love this subject because it helps me a lot in every aspect. For example, in communication, writing, and thinking. All of these are important as to guarantee my future. The respected lecturer is Sir Izuan. My comments about him are, he is such a mystery guy, but he is very hardworking too in giving hands to help his students in learning English with flying colours. He always feel free to help and students are glad to rely on him when they are in trouble about English. He is an awesome lecturer! Thank you so much Sir! Keep it up! For those who want to know him better, check it out his blog

In conclusion, all my subjects are really fun! See you in my next entry!

Hello, friends! The topic for today is being a senior. What is the meaning of senior? With regards to the Longman Dictionary, 'senior' is a word that we use to explain about students in their last year of High School, University or to be two, five, ten and etc years older than someone. Sounds that this topic is very interesting.

Starting from this semester, automatically I have turned to be a senior, which I am glad to be! Now, I am in Part 3. So, it means that I have spent more than a year in UiTM Segamat. Although I am just a new senior, I can see a lot of scenarios happened between junior students and senior students.

There are lots of problems and cases happened between them. Sometimes the problems get worse. Why is this happened? Tap! The answer is simple. Disrespectful! It should not be like this. Junior students should respect senior students and vice versa. People always say that only juniors have the obligation to respect older. This is so not true! As on the part of seniors, they have the duty to show good behaviours too, despite being arrogant and showing off their seniority towards juniors. How would a junior respect a bad example of senior? Same question goes to the juniors. Therefore, showing good attitude is important which indirectly, it can gives respect feelings. If both respect each other, no problems will occur.

Now, let’s move to my feelings about being a senior. I admit that I feel proud and enjoy being a senior but actually, I still have seniors which are Part 4 onwards. Thus, I can feel both feelings which being a junior and a senior at the same time.

At the first week of being senior in third semester, I used to come across of a thought before, which, if I turned into a senior, I will bully my junior! Yay! I have told my friends about my 'mens rea' but, they disagree with me and advice me not to do so. Lol! So, I don't.

I think twice and realise that I am totally wrong in this perception. I thought that once we have been a senior, automatically we got a license to bully juniors. I have this thought because on my early age of junior, I have seen seniors were bullying juniors a.k.a my friends. Indirectly, this perception appears in my mind. Plus, it looks fun to do so!

Now, my juniors have started to call me ‘Kakak’. It is a sign of being respected and I am happy to say that I am proud with the name. If before this I have the feelings to bully juniors, but now the feelings have faded away. Why? Because juniors respect me so, I have no reasons to have bad faith for them.

All in all, what I want to say here is, please make a correction of thought that once we become seniors, we can bully our junior. This is totally wrong! As a senior, the right way is we should guide our junior for a good future ahead. Show them the right path to be success. Ahax! See you soon on my next entry. Happy holidays to all and enjoy!

p/s: Enjoy but don't forget to do revision!
Hi, there! Nice to meet you again! My topic for today is quite interesting. The topic is about my roommates. Do you know what is the meaning of roommate? A roommate is someone who you share a room with, especially in college. Let's see what I am going to share with you about my roommates.

Now, I would like to start about one of my roommates by introducing her background first. Her name is Farah Rahimah binti Mohamed Rashid or you can just call her Farah. She is 19 years old and her date of birth is on 2nd February 1990. I just realized that we shared the same zodiac which is Aquarius. She was born at PUSPARAWI, Kuala Lumpur and she lives in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Let's move on her favourite things. Her favourite food is 'Kueh Tiow Goreng Basah' and her favourite drink is 'Bandung Laici'. Whenever she enters any restaurant, she will order this menu. Her favourite movies are Titanic and Shrek. Her favourite TV shows is CSI and House. The channel for her favourite TV shows is on AXN ASTRO. She never missed the episodes of CSI and House. Her hobby is blogging. This is news for me to hear that blogging nowadays becomes a hobby. She explained to me why she likes blogging. In her explanation about blogging, she said that she can meet other people around the world. Wow, that becomes even more interesting for me. Through blogging, she can learn about other people, traditions, cultures and lifestyle. I like her explanation because she makes me open my mind. Her favourite actor is Robert Pattinson, the famous actor in 'Twilight', who played the role as a vampire. To her, Robert Pattinson is a talented actor.

Now, she is in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Quantitative Student in Part 3. The reasons why she like this course because this course makes her life complete to study calculus. Her ambition is to become a teacher.

Something about her that makes me impressed about her is she never show her feelings whenever she faced a problem. One more thing that I like on her is her sweet smile!

My second roommate is Noorhidayu Ramli or known as Ayu. Her date of birth is on 30th June 1990. She is 19 years old. Her zodiac is Cancer. She was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor and she lives in Kulai, Johor.

Her favourite food is Mushroom Fried Rice and her favourite drink is Fresh Orange. Korean movies are her favourite movies. Her favourite singer is Dato' Siti Nurhaliza because she has a nice voice, good attitude and her face is so sweet. Her hobby is reading.

Now, she is in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3 for BMD3D1 class. The reason why she likes this course is because she had learned that it was quite tough but this course is interesting. Her ambition is to become a Bank Manager.

At the end of her conversation between me and her, she told me that she loves to eat chocolate and everyday she will miss her family. For those who want to know about her in more details, check out her blog in D3D1 Students!

Hi, there! We meet once again. Have you heard the latest news of Influenza A (H1N1) infections? Hopefully, you are not the one of the victims and I hope that you are always in the pink of good health. Let's focus on my topic. Today, the topic is about myself.

My name is Nur Leen binti Mahamahpoyi. My date of birth is on 17th February 1990. I am 19 years old now. My zodiac is Aquarius. I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan but I grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

My favourite food is spicy food. I love spicy food because it can reduce unwanted fat from our body and the same goes to my favourite drinks, orange juices. I get this diet info from 'Remaja' magazine and this tip is always been used by famous celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Angelina Jolie.
For entertainment, I love to watch Naruto movies because it always comes with new ideas and new stories. My favourite TV shows is Keliwon. Keliwon have proved that our industry of entertainment have improved in production quality. The story is about exposure on ghost that we can not see with our naked eyes. I love cycling and it has become my hobby for every evening. Furthermore, my favourite actress is Eugene, an actress from Korea. I like her because she is talented in acting and sometimes her movies can make me cry. In my view, she has an attractive personality such as sexy, fashionable, kind, cute and is definitely a natural beauty. These are the reasons why I chose her as my favourite actress.

Now, I am in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3. The reasons why I like this course because it makes me use both sides of my brain which are right sides and left sides, it also make our brains function very well and it is relevant with science. This course contains reading and calculating exercise. The college where I am staying now is Si Manja Kini and this college is perfect for me to study and living.

My father's name is Mahamahpoyi Hj. Walah and he is 48 years old. He is working as a private lawyer. I am proud of him because he is a very successful person. My mother's name is Tuan Zainab binti Tuan Mat and she is 41 years old. She is a housewife right after she married my father. She graduated from UM as a Nursing Student that holds a Degree Certificate. Although she is a housewife and she is not working, but my mother have fulfill our needs as her children who is seeking for a mother's love. I love her very much and I admit that no one can replace her in my heart. This is because she is a very understanding and a loving mother. I have eight siblings all together and all of us are girls. I am the second from my eight siblings. My eldest sister is Nik Wan Nurul Ain and she is 21 years old. She is studying at UiTM Shah Alam in Part 3 Degree as a Law Student. My other siblings are still schooling.

I am a lucky girl who has a happy family. I hope that you have enjoyed little bit about myself. See you again!
My name is Nur Leen binti Mahamahpoyi. I am 19 years old. I am living at Kuala Lumpur.
UiTM Segamat,Johor is the places that I am studying now.I am in Banking course.

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