Salam Ramadhan!! This time I will share with you about my childhood memories of Ramadhan. I hope you will enjoy it!

When it comes to school holiday and it will falls in Ramadhan months,and my father always bring us to celebrate Ramadhan at my village which is in Narathiwat, Thailand. So, there is where my story of Ramadhan is begun. Every year of Ramadhan months, my family will celebrate it at Thailand although we have our own villages in Malaysia. This is because my grandparents of my mother’s sides in Kelantan are both had passed away, so my father just brings us to celebrate Ramadhan in Thailand because there is where my father‘s hometown. There is no big different in celebrating Ramadhan in Thailand or in Malaysia. But there is something interesting in celebrating Ramadhan in Thailand. When I was little, I am the one who is really hard to get up for ‘Sahur’ because the environment in the morning of my village was so cold because it is surrounded with trees. In Thailand, the people is taking care of the environment and they always make sure that they live in clean environment by planting a lot of trees and flowers and that is why my village is so cool. I always sleep at my chair and in front of my plate when it is time for Sahur because I have no enough strength to wake up and get Sahur. Done with my Sahur stories, I continue with my break fasting stories. The interesting one is about the time. If Malaysia’s time is showing at 7.00 o’clock but in Thailand is at 6.00 o’clock which the time is one hour faster than Malaysia. So, I can break my fast early and that’s makes me happy!

Something that makes me cannot forget is about the Bazaar in my village. There are varieties of foods that I can choose until I cannot think what I want to buy actually. The cost of food in Thailand is very cheap and that’s makes me always spent my money for shopping on foods only! Sapusak is the best ‘Kuih’ ever and can makes me linking my fingers and Sapusak is the one that always become my first foods to eat for break my fast. Sapusak is something like Samosa in Malaysia but the filling is made up of fish and mixed up with vegetables and it is fried with a lot of oils and it turned to crispy and it is very yummy to eat with Thai’s sauces! Furthermore, Nasi Kombok is my favourite rice ever and it cannot get it in Malaysia or anywhere. The colour of rice is yellowish which the taste is little bit like curry and the rice is shiny because of the spices and it is serves with Fried Chicken which has special ingredients to fry it and it also must eat with special ‘Kuah’ and Thai’s sauces and also with salads and slices of cucumber. My mother has learned how to cook it and although I cannot eat at Thailand anymore, but my mother’s cooks is also totally like Thai’s cooks! The best Thai’s dessert is Pulut Mangga. The Pulut is very milky because of fresh coconut milk and the mango is juicy because of it is Thai’s Mango. Arghh..All that really makes me cannot forget about my childhood memories of Ramadhan in Thailand until now.

And now I cannot get all the stuff anymore because I am not going back to my village any longer because my grandparents of my father’s sides had passed away too and my childhood memories of Ramadhan left as memories. I hope that one day I can step on Thailand’s land!


Izuan said...

Those dishes that you mentioned sounded very tasty indeed...

You're lucky to experience your childhood in Thailand.. and discover the cultural differences on your own.

Leen said...

That's right sir..
I wish that I could be there in future..

singamaraja said...

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