Hello, friends! This time I will introduce to you about my new album. My album's title is ABC means Ais Batu Campur or Ais Kacang literally means "ice bean" in Malay. I chose this title because there are combination of several types of songs same like ABC where it is combinations of beans and others. So, I hope you will enjoyed it!

Album : ABC

Artist : Nur Leen

Ayah dan Ibu.
This song reminds people about the sacrifications made by our parents who raise us up. If not because of them, we would not be here, today!

2)The Climb

This song tells to people not to give up. Whatever challenges or obstacles that we need to go through, we cannot be afraid. It is like climbing. Do not look back! Just climb and climb until we reach the paramount. So, as the life.

3) Eh, Eh There's Nothing Else I can Say

I like this songs very much! It shows that, though I am a girl, I can have and make my own decision whether to be with whom. Though I already love someone, it does not mean that I must be with him. If I have found a better man, why not? And this about feelings. If we have fall in love with someone else, what can we say? It's love! Ha Ha. But, I'll try my best to be loyal. :D

4) Disampingmu
Awh..this song is so sweet. Really sweet! I wish a guy would give me this song one day, showing that he is happy and lucky to be besides me. How romantic! Ha Ha.

5) Don't Trust Me
Hey, Guys! Don't trust me! Why? Because I do not trust all of you! He He. If you already have a girlfriend, and suddenly likes me. Be sure with your feelings! Do not let go your girlfriend because I can't guarantee you that I'll be there for you, despite all my sweetness talk. Ahax! It's just a talk. He He. :P

6) Thinking of You
This is very touching! This song is a about a girl, falls in love with an army, waiting for him to come back but unfortunately, in the war, the man died. She was so sad, but she needs to continue her life. The man was perfect man for her, the one she wanted to be with. Because he is no longer there for her, she needs to choose the second best. Though, she still thinking about the first man. Because that is her true love.

7) Where I Stood
I like this song because how the singer wants her lover to know that she is still waiting for him. The man is the one who taught her how to trust herself and he is the one that she loves the most in her life. Where I stood mean, there is another girl who wants to stand where she stood. So, she wants him to know that she is still there for him.

8) Kantoi
This song such a simple song. It is a mix between Malay language and English language. It's about a story of her, where the boyfriend has cheated on her but at last, the girl who he has cheated with actually has cheated him too. So funny!

9) Taking Back My Love
This song is about they have given their love towards each other too much and at last, they want to take back their love.

10) Bird
This song is in Thai's language. This song is so sweet where the guy is willingly to turn to be a bird that could fly and pick the moon and stars and give it to his beloved if he could do so. And at night he will look up at to the sky, he will imagine that he can see her beloved on the glimmers star. This is the most sweetest songs ever!


Izuan said...

You even included a Thai song to show that you are proud of your heritage. Nice album!

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