Dear readers, this time I’ll bring you into my world. It is all about me!

1. I love Allah s.w.t!

Yes, I love Allah. Allah is my fountain of Life and My Saviour. Allah keeps me going day and night. Without Allah, I am no one. But with Allah, I can do everything. Allah is my strength!

"Abu Huraira reported God's messenger as saying, "To say: Glory be to Allah; Praise be to Allah; there is no god but Allah; and Allah is most great, is dearer to me than everything on which the sun rises."

2. I’m the second from my eight siblings.

I have eight siblings all together and all of us are girls. I am the second from my eight siblings. My eldest sister is 21 years old and my youngest sister is one years old. We are enjoyed although all of us are girls. We are always helping each other and always being together. Girl’s Power!

3. I’m mixed parentage of Thailand and Malaysia.

My mother is from Malaysia and my father is from Thailand. That’s why my father’s name is Mahamahpoyi or his Malay name is Wan Muhammad Fauzi. It is sounds unique because there are no alphabets like D, F, G, and Z in Thai’s alphabets. My father always translates for me when we are watching Thai dramas.

4. I love to travel!

Although I don’t get any chances to go traveling around the world yet, I have been travel to Thailand. It is true what people said that Thailand is heaven on earth. I have been to Bangkok, Hat Yai, Pattani and Narathiwat is where my village is. I love to go to the Narathiwat beach because of the beautiful views of sunset and there is where I always pick shells. The food that served at there is halal food. You can find five fried prawn in a long stick only cost you 2 Baht or RM 0.20 only!

5. I love adventures!

I am a girl that loves something that adventures such as climbing wall or cave or something that challenges my ability.

6. I love to make Friends!

I’m a type of people that loves to make friends. I love to help friends and I am comfortable with everyone. I am not choosy in looking for friends and I don’t care his or her backgrounds either they are come from poor or rich people.

7. I hate someone who is a hypocrite!!

I am a girl who seeks for a true friend. There is no one who is really sincere to be my friends. In front of me they shown a nice and sweet smiles but behind me, just Allah know what is going on.

8. I love Bel subject!

I love this subject because this is the only way for me to make my dreams or my ambitions come true. I want to be a ‘P’. It is a secret and just certain people only knew what my dream is. I hope Bel subject can help me!

9. I love dance!

This is not an ordinary dance but it is choreography dance. I have learned this dance from a DVD and the choreographer is Paula Abdul. Choreography dance have a lot of styles and I am enjoyed to work on it.

10. I want to be a rich and well-known person!

There are no other reasons for me why I am saying that I want to be a rich and well-known person because I want to help other people and especially for Muslim people out there who seek for help. Once I am being a well-known person, it makes my job easier to help people.

That’s all about me! I hope you guys are enjoyed and we’ll meet again in my next entry!


Izuan said...

I learned a lot about you, especially fact No. 3 and No. 4.

But No. 8... I wonder what that 'P' is.

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