Hello, friends! The topic for today is being a senior. What is the meaning of senior? With regards to the Longman Dictionary, 'senior' is a word that we use to explain about students in their last year of High School, University or to be two, five, ten and etc years older than someone. Sounds that this topic is very interesting.

Starting from this semester, automatically I have turned to be a senior, which I am glad to be! Now, I am in Part 3. So, it means that I have spent more than a year in UiTM Segamat. Although I am just a new senior, I can see a lot of scenarios happened between junior students and senior students.

There are lots of problems and cases happened between them. Sometimes the problems get worse. Why is this happened? Tap! The answer is simple. Disrespectful! It should not be like this. Junior students should respect senior students and vice versa. People always say that only juniors have the obligation to respect older. This is so not true! As on the part of seniors, they have the duty to show good behaviours too, despite being arrogant and showing off their seniority towards juniors. How would a junior respect a bad example of senior? Same question goes to the juniors. Therefore, showing good attitude is important which indirectly, it can gives respect feelings. If both respect each other, no problems will occur.

Now, let’s move to my feelings about being a senior. I admit that I feel proud and enjoy being a senior but actually, I still have seniors which are Part 4 onwards. Thus, I can feel both feelings which being a junior and a senior at the same time.

At the first week of being senior in third semester, I used to come across of a thought before, which, if I turned into a senior, I will bully my junior! Yay! I have told my friends about my 'mens rea' but, they disagree with me and advice me not to do so. Lol! So, I don't.

I think twice and realise that I am totally wrong in this perception. I thought that once we have been a senior, automatically we got a license to bully juniors. I have this thought because on my early age of junior, I have seen seniors were bullying juniors a.k.a my friends. Indirectly, this perception appears in my mind. Plus, it looks fun to do so!

Now, my juniors have started to call me ‘Kakak’. It is a sign of being respected and I am happy to say that I am proud with the name. If before this I have the feelings to bully juniors, but now the feelings have faded away. Why? Because juniors respect me so, I have no reasons to have bad faith for them.

All in all, what I want to say here is, please make a correction of thought that once we become seniors, we can bully our junior. This is totally wrong! As a senior, the right way is we should guide our junior for a good future ahead. Show them the right path to be success. Ahax! See you soon on my next entry. Happy holidays to all and enjoy!

p/s: Enjoy but don't forget to do revision!
Hi, there! Nice to meet you again! My topic for today is quite interesting. The topic is about my roommates. Do you know what is the meaning of roommate? A roommate is someone who you share a room with, especially in college. Let's see what I am going to share with you about my roommates.

Now, I would like to start about one of my roommates by introducing her background first. Her name is Farah Rahimah binti Mohamed Rashid or you can just call her Farah. She is 19 years old and her date of birth is on 2nd February 1990. I just realized that we shared the same zodiac which is Aquarius. She was born at PUSPARAWI, Kuala Lumpur and she lives in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Let's move on her favourite things. Her favourite food is 'Kueh Tiow Goreng Basah' and her favourite drink is 'Bandung Laici'. Whenever she enters any restaurant, she will order this menu. Her favourite movies are Titanic and Shrek. Her favourite TV shows is CSI and House. The channel for her favourite TV shows is on AXN ASTRO. She never missed the episodes of CSI and House. Her hobby is blogging. This is news for me to hear that blogging nowadays becomes a hobby. She explained to me why she likes blogging. In her explanation about blogging, she said that she can meet other people around the world. Wow, that becomes even more interesting for me. Through blogging, she can learn about other people, traditions, cultures and lifestyle. I like her explanation because she makes me open my mind. Her favourite actor is Robert Pattinson, the famous actor in 'Twilight', who played the role as a vampire. To her, Robert Pattinson is a talented actor.

Now, she is in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Quantitative Student in Part 3. The reasons why she like this course because this course makes her life complete to study calculus. Her ambition is to become a teacher.

Something about her that makes me impressed about her is she never show her feelings whenever she faced a problem. One more thing that I like on her is her sweet smile!

My second roommate is Noorhidayu Ramli or known as Ayu. Her date of birth is on 30th June 1990. She is 19 years old. Her zodiac is Cancer. She was born at Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor and she lives in Kulai, Johor.

Her favourite food is Mushroom Fried Rice and her favourite drink is Fresh Orange. Korean movies are her favourite movies. Her favourite singer is Dato' Siti Nurhaliza because she has a nice voice, good attitude and her face is so sweet. Her hobby is reading.

Now, she is in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3 for BMD3D1 class. The reason why she likes this course is because she had learned that it was quite tough but this course is interesting. Her ambition is to become a Bank Manager.

At the end of her conversation between me and her, she told me that she loves to eat chocolate and everyday she will miss her family. For those who want to know about her in more details, check out her blog http://ayuchocolate.blogspot.com in D3D1 Students!

Hi, there! We meet once again. Have you heard the latest news of Influenza A (H1N1) infections? Hopefully, you are not the one of the victims and I hope that you are always in the pink of good health. Let's focus on my topic. Today, the topic is about myself.

My name is Nur Leen binti Mahamahpoyi. My date of birth is on 17th February 1990. I am 19 years old now. My zodiac is Aquarius. I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan but I grew up in Kuala Lumpur.

My favourite food is spicy food. I love spicy food because it can reduce unwanted fat from our body and the same goes to my favourite drinks, orange juices. I get this diet info from 'Remaja' magazine and this tip is always been used by famous celebrities such as Tyra Banks and Angelina Jolie.
For entertainment, I love to watch Naruto movies because it always comes with new ideas and new stories. My favourite TV shows is Keliwon. Keliwon have proved that our industry of entertainment have improved in production quality. The story is about exposure on ghost that we can not see with our naked eyes. I love cycling and it has become my hobby for every evening. Furthermore, my favourite actress is Eugene, an actress from Korea. I like her because she is talented in acting and sometimes her movies can make me cry. In my view, she has an attractive personality such as sexy, fashionable, kind, cute and is definitely a natural beauty. These are the reasons why I chose her as my favourite actress.

Now, I am in UiTM Segamat, Johor as a Banking Student in Part 3. The reasons why I like this course because it makes me use both sides of my brain which are right sides and left sides, it also make our brains function very well and it is relevant with science. This course contains reading and calculating exercise. The college where I am staying now is Si Manja Kini and this college is perfect for me to study and living.

My father's name is Mahamahpoyi Hj. Walah and he is 48 years old. He is working as a private lawyer. I am proud of him because he is a very successful person. My mother's name is Tuan Zainab binti Tuan Mat and she is 41 years old. She is a housewife right after she married my father. She graduated from UM as a Nursing Student that holds a Degree Certificate. Although she is a housewife and she is not working, but my mother have fulfill our needs as her children who is seeking for a mother's love. I love her very much and I admit that no one can replace her in my heart. This is because she is a very understanding and a loving mother. I have eight siblings all together and all of us are girls. I am the second from my eight siblings. My eldest sister is Nik Wan Nurul Ain and she is 21 years old. She is studying at UiTM Shah Alam in Part 3 Degree as a Law Student. My other siblings are still schooling.

I am a lucky girl who has a happy family. I hope that you have enjoyed little bit about myself. See you again!
My name is Nur Leen binti Mahamahpoyi. I am 19 years old. I am living at Kuala Lumpur.
UiTM Segamat,Johor is the places that I am studying now.I am in Banking course.

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