Hi, there! How are you? Oh..Syawal has ended. Okay, I have a good story to tell you what I love most about Hari Raya. I hope you will enjoy it!

I love to have an Open House during Hari Raya. This is because I love to meet people and love to mix around with them. For this year Hari Raya only we have done twice time of open house. On the first day of Hari Raya is for my siblings' friends which are Malay and Chinese friends. One of my siblings' friends is Ey Hong which is Chinese boy have attended to our open house and celebrate Hari Raya together with my family and he told us that he have fasting for seven days in Ramadhan month. That's great! He also said that he is interested in Islam. I hope one day he will convert to Islam.

Second time for Open House us for my parents friends and my sister friends. For this time my mother have prepared Kelantan's foods such as Ketupat Sotong (very delicious), Laksam and other six various types of foods and including dessert. The food that I have mentioned just now are my father's friends favourite including the Prince of Sultan Perak, Raja Ashman Shah. He also have attended to our Open House. He is very low profile and kind person. My father have been friend with him for a long time. He is very close to my father since they have studied together. He really enjoyed and satisfied with the food especially Ketupat Sotong. He also gave a big hamper to my father special for Hari Raya. He is the one who are going back late because he loves to chat with my father with privacy and there is no strict security on him.

In the same day, my sister have welcomed her friends who are from Law Faculty in UiTM Shah Alam to enjoy our Open House that have started from right afternoon which after Friday Prayer until Maghrib. All of them are really nice and friendly.

In conclusion, I am very happy to have an Open House and I enjoyed it! InsyaAllah, next year I will invite you guys to come to my Open House! Got to go!


Izuan said...

I never ate this 'Ketupat Sotong'. Sounds delicious.

Leen said...

It is delicious..InsyaAllah..one day you can try it..

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