Hello, there! Nice to meet you again! Wishing you Happy Fasting and Happy Independence Day for the 52 years of Malaysia! Proud to be one of the Malaysia's citizens! This is my favourite entry ever! Because it's talk about my favourite things.

I am different with other girls's favourite things. I am not interested with girly or lady stuff like shoes, clothes, make-up or lady's accessories. I am totally interested in cars!! It is happened to me because I always follow my father in surveing cars at car's show rooms. The most favourite car that I am talking about is 2008 Mini Cooper S.

I love this car because of the unique features and the expensiveness. I am interested with something that expensive. This car is a cute car and easy to drive it. It is suitable to drive in any conditions or any situations. This Mini Cooper is also easy pick up car if you want to speed on the road. I admires this car because of the inner of the car which is the seats and the dashboard. It is amazing!

Please click here and you won't regret> http://www.miniusa.com/mini-cooper-top-features.html#/learn/FACTS_FEATURES_SPECS/colors-s

I hope and wish that i could buy my favourite car in future, 2008 Mini Cooper S.


Izuan said...

It looks like Perodua's Kelisa, don't you think so?

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