Greetings readers! How are you? For my friends who are going to sit for the final exam papers, I am wishing you good luck and hopefully you guys can do it well! For this entry, I will tell you about my subjects that I have taken for this semester. This time I will stress more on my perception of these subjects.

One of them is CTU 241. The code stands for Islamic Economics. The lecturer is Ust. Nawawi. He replaced Ust. Kamaruzzaman because Ust. Kamaruzzaman is quite busy with students’ problem. I thought Ust. Nawawi was quite boring by looking the way he taught us but after few classes I have attended the classes I have realized that I was wrong. We have enjoyed the classes and I am really happy to join it. Ust. Nawawi is not a strict person. He gave us an option to choose the date that we can decide to sit for our test paper. Finally, we are not sat the paper with other classes in DST (Dewan Sri Temenggung) but the questions that he gave us were totally different with others. I hope that I could score A for this paper!

Next is regarding economy subjects. ECO 211 stands for Macroeconomics. The name of the lecturer is En. Abdullah or also glamourally known as En. Dollah. He is very kind lecturer and loves to make jokes. He always said to our class that do not worries if we are not passing this subject for this semester because we still can register it for the next semester. Did you notice what the meaning is? REPEAT THE PAPER! Oh, no! Hopefully that I am not the one who are going to repeat for the paper! Seriously, this subject is not that hard to study but I have to little bit struggled on checking and doing the exercise based on past semester exam papers. I have got above average marks for both first and the second test. Alhamdulillah. For the final paper of macroeconomics, I will do my best!

Let's move to FIN 262. This code is for Fundamental of Finance, I really love this subject! My lecturer is En. Syamsyul. He is really nice towards his students and loves to give much homework. This subject requires 4 credit hours. So, I have to study hard to achieve A for this subject. My first and second test I have already scored A for FIN 262 paper. So, I hope that I could score more marks for this final paper which is on next Monday, 2nd November 2009. Honestly, I am worried with this paper because the paper is full with tricky questions and I am scared with careless mistakes because it could make my marks dropped. This killer paper also needs us to memorize all those formula (more than 10 formulas!). Fuhh..I always think in positive ways that I can do it! (I have to pray a lot for this paper..)

Alert for QMT 216! This code refers to Introduction to Statistics. Miss Arfah is no longer teaching us and has been replaced by En. Zaki or Sir Zack. I love calculating but for this subject makes me confused with calculations. This subject is totally differing with what I have studied before in Form 4 and Form 5 although the topics are quite similar. Furthermore, the way they taught us (Cik Arfah and Sir Zack) are totally different and it makes me become more difficult to study for this subject. I am not telling you that I am blaming them because of my weakness in this subject but this is it! Sir Zack is really strict person and has a lot of rules to follow. I knew that all these works that he made for us is for our own advantages such as every Wednesday night we have an extra class’s special for QMT 216. Only for my class! I am appreciating it. Thanks a lot Sir for all of your effort to help us. Actually, he is very kind hearted and he asked me to swear to score A for this subject and I am took it as a challenge for myself. This is because he wants me to be useful and successful person and he does not want to see me like other Banking students who are successfully grade on time but still around looking for jobs (unemployment). I must study hard and smart to catch up with this subject and Sir have told our class if anything to ask him about the difficulty in looking for solutions we are welcome to his office. This is my only chances to improve!

Take a new step for BAB 101, an elective subject which is Arabic Language Studies. I am taking for this elective course on my own and not because of others. As I have told you before that my father can speak Arabic fluently, thus it spurs my interest to learn this language and he became my references if I have difficulty in studying Arabic. From the first I entered the Arabic class I have nothing or zero knowledge in this subject but at last I have prove that I have scored A for my Arabic test. I am really study hard for the test and finally I am satisfied with the result. Now, I can speak Arabic with my father although it just the basic words. En. Syazali is the lecturer. He is very nice person and strict too! He always tells us the story. He never teaching us Arabic syllabus because he said that he can finish the syllabus in shortly. But before we sit for the test paper, he taught us how to answer the questions. It’s works! (P/s: Plus with my hardworking too!) I have no worries for this subjects and I hope that I score the paper!

“Be active with HSL 118, tennis. This is co-curriculum subject which is compulsory for Part 1 until Part 3 students. I took tennis because it seems interesting. Although I have never played before but I am sure I am going to like it! The lecturer is En. Nasir. My comment, he is a very patient person in teaching skills towards his students.” This is my first perception before! Till the end of the class I am totally enjoyed with the class. En. Nasir have taught us how to play tennis in the right way and during the class he brought his son along with him who only nine years old and show to us how well he play tennis. Amazing! His son is very talented in playing tennis and he became our models of every tennis class because to learn tennis we are not only read the manual book but at the same time we have to refer to the models (players) to make sure that we are totally understand the steps. For example, how to smash, service (hold the tennis balls at the end of the fingers), lob, how to hold the racket and others. The most interesting parts are counting the points or collect the players’ marks. I also learned the court which one is the service line, base line and others. I really enjoy this subject!

Last but not least, BEL 311. This code stands for English Academic Purposes. BEL 311 is my favourite subject although I am not very good in it but I have tried my best in presenting all my works because this subject is one of the ways for me to achieve my dreams. In this subject I have learned how to create my own blog and learned how to write in the correct way. Especially for the articles which is how to quote the words and how to credit the person. I have learnt the new things in BEL 311. The respected lecturer is Sir Izuan. My first perception on him is he is very strict person and if it is true of course it makes me hard to have a good conversation with him for any problems that I am facing in this subject. He always shows his straight face and makes me think twice to go for asks him for any inconvenience which related with this subject. But my perception on him is totally wrong! Although he have a straight face and hardly to smile, he is very hardworking too in giving hands to help his students in learning English with flying colours. He always feels free to help and students are glad to rely on him when they are in trouble about English. For example, when my group has difficulty in finishing the article with the perfect one, he willingly guides us in the right way and same goes with our speaking practice. Sometimes, he will join us and make our speaking going smooth. Thanks Sir! You have showed me a lot of ways to improve my English languages. And thanks for once again Sir for what you have taught me and forgive me for any mistakes that I have done.

In conclusion, I am very happy with all classes that I have attended and I will try my best to score for my final exam papers. Nothing is impossible with Allah’s will!

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